A world of upside-down

The upside down museum, Malaysia. Visited by Imteaz Fahim & Fariha Rusaifa. Popular blogger and influencer of Bangladesh.

We love travelling, we love taking pictures and we sure do love crazy!
Put those three together, and you’ve found your way to one of the craziest experiences in Malaysia. The Upside Down Museum!

Upside Down Museum
45, Lebuh Kimberley, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

If you’ve ever deep-dived into Instagram (not that deep!), you’ve come across some pictures of people hanging out UPSIDE DOWN! Of course in funky looking rooms. Since we were in town, we could not relax till we went in for a visit!


The fee for foreign adults (the two of us each) is RM29 each, totals to RM58.

There is a queue on a busy day and you have to wait a bit before being allowed to get inside.

Are we up or are we down? What even is gravity?

Welcome to the illusion!

After entering at first, you’ll people divided into groups and posing in various rooms. Every room has its own designated guide. He/she will guide you on how you can take those amazing Instagram photos to make all your followers awestruck.

The museum is articulated in a house-like setting! The minute details from the mosaic, toilet and toothbrushes to the dining table and bath, the house has a Turkish/Moroccan vibe to it. A fully decked out house!

There’s a dining table setting, living space, stairs, a cafe setting, a bazaar setting ( where you creep walk through building windows), an actual souvenir shop setting upstairs with freaky mannequins and they’re upside down and more crazy spaces!

The Experience:

We were astounded by their service and quality of management! A group of people are let inside a room, at a time, in a specific number. Because the guide will help to take photos of you in every corner and make sure that it is the perfect photo without interruption. As a result, everyone gets their turn. It’s a very systematic process because the staff will guide you through. It’s an Instagram photo booth but in a planned order.

So whether you wanna hang from a wooden sofa, play the piano upside down, hang from the roof, dive into the commode or get cooked in a pot – they have all the ideas planned and will instruct/suggest those ideas so you have no regrets when you get out! They even make really cute and funny videos too!

Check out all the photos we clicked, some of our own ideas and some, the guide’s!

However, if you’re from Bangladesh & want to have a similar experience, then worry not! Because We’ve our very own Upside Down museum! It’s called Upside Down BD. They have two galleries. One in Uttara and the other one in Lalmatia. Click on the names to find exact locations. Unfortunately, we haven’t been there but looking forward to it!


If you’re an avid Instagram user or just love taking photos in general and don’t have any funky photo ideas, just come here and head in! You’ll love the hospitality, the confusion of the topsy turvy and the fun experience that comes along with that!

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