The bungee experience

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We are mischievous amongst our friends and family for being a little extreme! Here’s a sneak peek into something fun (and obviously daring!) we did together!

Place: High Ground Adventures Nepal

Established in 2010, High Ground Nepal is located in Pokhara, Western Development Region. They offer a range of a range activities such as Zip-lining, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding & Hot Air Ballooning. Pure Adrenaline Charging Activities! It is 25 minutes away from Pokhara Lakeside.

As for us, we went for the Zip-lining & Bungee Jumping Experience! Booked in advance, well before our arrival , we were greeted very nicely by the staff there. Of course, we had to sign a form at the office in case anything were to go wrong, they would not be held responsible for our lives!


This world’s most extreme and steepest zip-line with an incline of 56 degrees right at the heart if the Himalayas! 1850 meters in length and a vertical drop surpassing 600 meters! Max speeds can reach well over 100km/h and at some points, you can be over 1500ft above the ground!

You know this was really extreme and that’s why we had to take a shot at it! The staff were very helpful and friendly in getting us prepared for the experience. After fastening us to our harnesses and equipping us properly, it was ready to go down the dreaded zip-line!

At the onset, we were scared (like really scared!) , and then, after counting down, our mates at the HighGround just opened the metal shutters. The mechanical clinking noise started and suddenly, it seemed like a bad decision. The shivers coming up on our feet after one look at how high above ground we were was gut drenching. Not to mention, we forgot all the instructions given to us then and there!

The adrenaline was pumping through, a mesmerizing and traumatic experience at the same time! The Annapurna Range and blue skies formed a scenic view in front of us, we wanted to last a while longer. The world’s fastest zip line? In the moment, one could only wish it went faster! Two contrasting feelings going through our minds while we propelled across lush greenery and a water body beneath us! It was all worth the risk.

Bungee Jumping

The first and only Tower Bungee experience in Nepal – the tower position adjacent to the 50m Hejma cliff. A 70 metre vertical drop and 3 seconds of free fall . One of the most extreme and daring activities in the world and we just couldn’t miss out n a chance to do it.

Bungee Jumping involves jumping from a high point, in this case the tower. With an elastic rope fixed to your feet so you’re pulled up as soon as you almost hit the ground! Intense right? It’s all about guts

Equipped with trained professionals and all types of safety precautions, we made sure that we were in the right hands before delving into the extreme sport.

Under the vast clear blue skies of Nepal in a hilly environment, we were nerve wracked but prepared to “almost” face the ground. Climbing up the steel tower and being harnessed, the instructors were very friendly and, of course, they said “Welcome to Hell”.

There was one person who jumped before us and we were terrified seeing him nosedive into the deserted land beneath. Before the countdown, they ask you to be calm. How could we be calm???

5..4..3..2..1 – and push!

There we go !

Nosediving into what seems like death, almost touching upon death but nope! This is fun. Almost dropping down, to be pulled back up and then down again. As you’re pulled and pushed due to elasticity, your heart races at the unmeasurable horsepower and you can’t help but notice the scenic view of the hills and sky as they merge on the horizon. You’re flying but in one specific quarter of a circle. The space of a pendulum’s motion. The activity ends as they pull you down to a small raft in the water body underneath and unharness you.

The triumph upon completion of the dreaded bungee jump is surreal to put it in mundane words. It’s an indescribable feeling whilst it happens and it just feels wonderful to be able to have challenged the aspect of death.

We definitely recommend you to do this if you’re not weak in the heart! And by recommending this, we’re asking you to live your life to the fullest! To know more about our time in Nepal, check this out : Travel to Nepal.

Finally for an “extreme” bungee footage, play the video! 😛


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